Any Dear Dads out there have English as a second language…..

Recently my eldest (BB -19 months) has started to babble. She comes up to us and with the utmost conviction will tell us in great detail and devoid of all logical English how her day is going or where she stands on ABC for kids canning fat cat. Anyone on the outside looking in would think this child has been raised by the Klingon and is speaking fluently in their native tongue.

I have however learnt a new appreciation for the English language, as you see when you have a babyling 19 month old you rack your brain trying to decipher what the apple of your eye is calling the dog, or the kitchen bench or a bottle of water for that matter. Walking down the road is scattered with lots of finger pointing and everything being called the same thing, or at least the same noise. When BB babbles it is almost like she is asking questions, and any parents natural reaction is to answer “yes”. I am almost convinced I have just agreed to buy her a unicorn or a lifetime supply of pink glitter, thank god she is to young to ever remember, but I will never forget!

The classic moments are when I phone home to speak to my wife, her phone must be on speaker other wise afore mentioned toddler goes into epic melt down of nuclear proportions. As said before toddler (BB) can now hear me talking and as such she feels the need to babble back, regardless of whether myself or Jo are talking or not.

I have forgotten to mention all this toddler talking or babbling is done on full volume, so any type of conversation between me and my wife is lost as we struggle to hear each other. We are also during all this trying to cram our conversation into the gaps where BB stops to take a breath. It is most entertaining and always brings a smile to my face. I can only imagine what BB is trying to tell us and in a small way wish I could understand her this early on.

Our youngest Jade is also starting to make sounds, so late evening time in our house is a concerto of vowels and consonants coming out in no particular order as my two daughters communicate with each other and the world. I usually sit back in quiet amazement because if I try to join in I am already getting the “you don’t know what you’re talking about” look from both of them.

I am enjoying this time at the moment as neither can talk back, but they are sure as hell trying……….


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