Dear Dads and the great outdoors….

We have taken recently to letting BB play in the back yard. The weather is warming up and BB can now walk around without falling over everything, well nearly everything. A whole new world has opened up to BB and to be honest me as well.

Growing up having a big back yard was great as I had somewhere to play and get out of the house. The most interesting thing for me was rummaging around in dads shed for all kinds of cool gadgets to mess with. I wasn’t interested in how the grass looked or if their were any trees. However, my backyard now is a major work in progress with one goal. A safe fun place for our two girls to play in. Years ago I would know all the bindi patches in the yard. These would be little mine fields to a child’s feet and me and my friends would only enter them upon a dare or in a moment of forgetfulness during a game of chasey.

Nowadays my weekends are filled with mowing the lawn at the right height so that weeds don’t get hold, pruning the plants so they grow into strong trees with lots of shade and weeding and spraying the bindi patches so BB and Jade can run barefoot through the grass.

10 years ago I didn’t have a clue about gardening or even really care. I was more interested in driving a nice car and heading out with my mates. These days it’s about making a fun safe place for the girls to play. I get so much more enjoyment watching BB running around with Missy (our Rottie) and teaching her basic things like how to water a tree or plant. Getting her dressed up in her long pants long sleeves hat and ear muffs so she can push around a toy mower while Dad does the real thing. In her eyes she’s helping. In my eyes she is melting my Heart. I get no greater joy than knowing BB is having fun helping me and loving every min of it.

We have had some interesting times exploring the back yard together like when BB saw the side gate open and 3 mins later I found her and missy out trying to climb the neighbor’s front retaining wall or when BB has seen me picking up dog poo and thought she would do her bit….. Albeit without gloves…. We have also had some magical times as well, when 2 Rosella’s came and sat on the fence and had BB mesmerized and to be honest me as well, or when we have had BBQ’s and BB is running around with the other kids playing games and showing them all the places she has buried her toys…..

I have to admit that as a Dear Dad the backyard is one of my most favorite places to come and sit and think, especially when the late afternoon sun starts setting over the bush behind our fence. But nothing makes it more special than when my wife, BB and Jade join me and I watch my little two explore their ever-changing magical world. It’s memories in the making and makes all the hard work worth it…

Now to build them a backyard fort……building a fort


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