Dear Dads, are you game letting your children loose on mother nature?

A few months ago my wife and I decided to trade up from our trusty tent and buy a camper. The Tent had served us well for many years but unfortunately with two wandering toddlers the poor old nylon walls could not stand up to the constant punishment. You see our girls thought our tent was a giant cubby house and not a home away from home. Keeping the tent up was no fun and I am sure they went into battle determined to bring the tent down, only to watch dad spend another 45 mins putting it up again.

The other reason for the camper was we needed somewhere to permanently store all the gear. When it was just me and the wife it was easy. I had a small bag and she had 4 – 5 suitcases that we would take camping. I do joke, my wife is very much as out doorsy as I am and can get by with the minimal of life’s luxuries. We were able to fit everything we needed into the boot of our car, once the girls came along fitting everything into a 40 foot container has become a squeeze. You see our two beautiful girls have not quite got the gist of camping yet, mind you when I was 3 and 2 I had not even got a handle on how to use a toilet so I do cut them some slack. They think that just because we are going out and sleeping under the stars that all their teddies should come and enjoy the adventure too, and what parent can say no to that sort of enthusiasm.  Our daughters think that camping is no different to playing in the back yard only we have to drive very far to do it and someone’s daddy has not mowed the lawn in a very long time.

After searching for a while we eventually found a camper that would suit our needs. Hard floor, strong canvas and most importantly a nice mattress for mum and dad.


The girls haven’t even gone camping yet and they have dragged their beds out in the garage numerous times. Being a dad I am quite impressed by the campers storage space to hold all the accessories that come with two toddlers and a wife, and the fact it has a fridge, stove top and a sink. The wife is excited that it has a innerspring mattress and will keep the rain out, our daughters are excited because it is another thing to climb all over in the back yard. They understand that its dads toy, but they don’t care because they know that what’s dads is theirs and Daddy rarely tells them off for running away with his stuff. After a few weekends of camping gear shopping we have found all the gear that we think we will need to safely traverse the Australian landscape with our two girls whilst keeping our girls safe and warm, and the local flora and fauna untouched from their wandering and sometimes destructive hands and legs.

We know we are going to have many great adventures and the girls will no doubt surprise us in ways we never expected whilst learning about a different jungle to the urban sprawl we are so accustomed to. My only concern is once we let them loose in the bush, the Australian landscape will never be the same.


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