Dear Dads, Do you feel like warming your soul today?

Cast your mind back to when you were 18, go on do it. Only takes a second, right you there? Ok now think about your favourite place when you were 18. Are you there? Can you see it? Can you smell it? I can. My favourite place in the whole world when I was 18 was sitting on a bench watching the waves roll in as the sun settled on the water for the end of another day. I can still smell the salt air breezing past my nose as the sea breeze blows my hair and my thoughts around. I used to sit there until the sun finally disappeared below the ocean and would then watch as night descended across the sky. My thoughts and feelings still running around as the hot salty summer breeze warmed my skin.


Are you still thinking of your special place? Ok, now think of where your special place is now? Right now where is it you want to be but are not able to for what ever reason? Where is the place that warms your soul and makes you feel like everything is going to be ok? The place that when you think of it now you can feel that place in your chest stir, that place in your chest that no Dr or surgeon has ever found but still pangs when you think of your now special place. Still thinking of it? Visions of it running through your mind???

Well my place now is wrapped in my wife’s arms, a very close second is when I get a cuddle from my girls, but the one place that warms my soul and makes me feel like everything in the world is going to be ok is in my wife’s arms. When I am stressed I take my self to this place and it calms me. People ask me why am I so calm at work, but I can never explain the power her hugs have over me all the time. To be honest they are not even hugs, physically yes but emotionally it’s like a washing machine scrubbing my soul clean of all the battering and bruising it cops through the day. I get one every time I get home from work and it’s affect is amazing at helping me unwind and face the next day.


Are you still at your happy place? Good. Stay there, let that warm feeling roll over you and tingle your fingers and toes. Let it draw your face into a smile. Let it clean your soul so you can face another day.

I know this post was not really about anything except special places, but honestly I wrote it for you. Yes you, the very person sitting in front of the screen reading these words. I may not know you and we may never meet, but I take a little solace in knowing that I may have, just a little, warmed your soul.


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