Dear Dads, Do you hate buttons and press studs……

press studs

I know it has probably been said a million times before but if dads designed baby’s clothes it would all be Velcro joins and zips. All buttons are out even press studs can add a good 15 mins to a simple costume change for the new little one in my life. Something that is over looked is guys have man hands, these generally include large fingers used for gripping manly things like hammers and grinders and spanners. Along with this the child is generally tiny in our eyes and we handle it like grandmas expensive china. Very delicately and almost clumsily.

When I see small buttons on a outfit I instinctively want to reach for my long noes pliers and a pair of vice grips not only to help me navigate the buttons but to also help move along the whole getting dressed process so that once I am finished I don’t have to start again due to the child soiling her nappy again.

A deardads designed onesie would be a simple Velcro strip down onside that would take seconds not hours to fit. If we’re really thinking about engineering marvels we would use magnets instead of Velcro. Magnets fix everything and are even machine washable (another thing I have become an expert at since becoming a deardad – but that’s another story) however there is the worry that the poor child will become stuck to the metal frame on the stroller or TV or any other number of metal items in the house.

Being a deardad peering into the wardrobe all I see is a sea of buttons press studs and cute little lace just waiting to be tied in a bow. I stand there and think by the time I get any of these items on my child she would have out grown them.

My favourite out fit for BB is her cargo shorts (elastic waist) and a nice pink t shirt. Easy to put on and take off. Its a mans outfit for a little girl that doesn’t require a degree in dexterity. So next time you see BB and I heading down the street in our cargos and t shirts, it’s not cause we trying to look cool. It’s because dad can’t work out the buttons.


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