Dear Dads, How do you celebrate Christmas?


That is of course until you put them on your house on the 1st of Dec, and then they become a mind boggling reason for my two daughters to lose their minds over Christmas. You see this year the wife and I went all out on our house decorations. Clarke Griswold would have been very proud of me. The day we put them up you could see both girls were completely complexed as to why daddy was on the roof…. Nothing was broken up there, there were no balls up there (that they could remember), and our soon to be 3yr old kept telling mummy that daddy needs to “get down”.

Fast forward 8hrs, were coming home from a friends place, it’s dark, both girls are tired and one is nearly falling asleep, as we pull into our street all of a sudden there is commotion and screaming coming from the back seat as if some one has just let off a glitter grenade!! We pull into our driveway and both girls continue to let the entire town know just how exited they are that Santa will definitely be able to find our place as with the lights we have on it you could probably see it from space.

You see Christmas has always been a big deal to me. I love Christmas and all my family and friends know how much I get into the spirit of the festive season. I have decorated my houses for years but all of a sudden it stopped being about me. The joy of a couple of blinking LED’s strapped to a house had brought our two little elf’s is amazing. We walked into the local shopping centre and they have lights and decorations up. I know this because both girls scream (the kind of sound that shatters windows) every single time they walk into the mall.

Every shop we passed with tinsel in the window or flashing lights or a Christmas tree up was met with ear pricing screams of Santa Santa Santa. Walking through the shops even fool hardy grinches would have had their hearts melted by the sheer joy being displayed. Every one that we passed commented on our little girls Christmas spirit. As a dad this brings great joy to me and I am so proud to be able to share the joy with my daughters.

They even helped us put the Christmas tree up this year. I had to go back later and redistribute some of the decorations as 90% of items were placed on the lower 2 foot of the tree and it was looking a little bottom heavy, they had also added a few other items too, the TV remote, a spoon, one of mums slippers and several toys… It’s now a very eclectic Christmas tree but they joined in and loved every minute.

Every night that the girls are up a little later than usual they want to go out and run through the lights in the front yard calling out to Santa.. I have no fears that Santa wont miss our house, I mean how could he miss a beacon of twinkling multi coloured lights that draw you in to all that pass. The girls have also made sure the town could hear it too..

So if your ever in a shopping mall around Christmas time and you can hear two little girls losing their minds over every sparkling light and piece of glittering tinsel in the place?? That will be us…… And I hope it never changes.


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