Dear Dads, How many times can you watch the lion king in a day?

Today the lion king has been on for about 4hrs, its raining outside, the living room looks like a bomb hit it but the girls are happy and quiet so who cares right? So as I watch Mustafa’s death for the 3rd time today I still find myself willing him to get out from the stampeding wilder beast… I know this is silly for a thousand reasons, two being its a movie and if he didn’t die there wouldn’t be a plot point. But still once again I sit and watch as he struggles up the rock face still willing him along. But once again I am devastated that he indeed does die and I find myself thinking of the 100 ways he could have done better in that situation being that he is the king of Pride rock.

I also find myself wondering, if everyone talks in the movie why are the wilder beast not capable of speech? Surely they would have seen the little lion and called out to everyone to just go around him? Why didn’t Simba just exit stage left and hide in a crevice in the rocks? Arrrrrrgh these thoughts drive me up the wall. The same goes for monsters inc. Is Monsters inc on another planet or is it a platform somewhere up in the sky? Has a child never laughed at a monster and caused the canister to explode with over power??? Why aren’t the monsters smart enough to plumb up a scream catcher to a roller coaster? A lot less infrastructure than trying to get doors to magically open into our world…. Though once again this does kill the main plot point, and dont get me started on finding Nemo……

These are the thoughts that rack my brain on a rainy sunday afternoon, I used to think about cars and planes and mechanical boy stuff, now my daddy brain is trying to rewrite movie history. I also find myself mixing and matching movies, watching titanic thinking I wonder if Crush the turtle would show up? Or maybe even the whale? I mean they all can talk our language and understand us, surly they know that Jack and Rose are in trouble yeah? Or what about Sully (Monsters inc)( I say that like you parents dont know who he is ha ha) rocking through the door at the wrong moment in Sliding Doors when old mate is found in bed with another woman by his grilfriend, would definitely add a 4th dimension to the movie.

And so as I watch these children’s movies, willing for the good guy to triumph over evil, my mind running in over drive. I still catch myself watching my girls expressions of fear, hope, happiness and triumph as the movie plays out. The girls love these movies and dance with joy when they are on, though once again during the Mustafa death scene it is total utter silence in our house, you could hear a pin drop and as I look around I can see everyone else is willing Mustafa along………

When I see this I dont feel quite so silly.


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