Dear Dads, I am here to tell you a pocket is for putting stuff in, if you have a pocket it cannot be empty

BB pockets

Lately my poor wife has had to add waste management to her every expanding resume of jobs around the house. You see our darling 2 year old has discovered pockets on her clothes and now must have something in those pockets, mum and dad keep stuff in there pockets so so must she. Albeit most of Dads stuff ends up in mums handbag anyway Keys, wallet, coins etc, but that doesn’t stop little miss from copying us and filling her pockets with a garbologists delight.

It started off easy enough, a small toy or gadget from around the house, but recently it has grown into pretty much anything laying around. Can’t find the cover for my electric shaver, check BB’s pockets, don’t know where the your headphones went? Check BB’s pockets, all of a sudden you can’t find any coins? Follow the little jangling toddler around the house, your sure to find a mobile bank in her pockets (among other things).

Unfortunately my wife will tell you that BB gets this from me, my wife learned very quickly that I had a tendency to pick something up look at it and instead of finding a bin, in my pocket it would go. Bits of paper, hair lackys, paper clips, string, lids, you name it, my pockets collected it. Much to the washing machine and all the poor other clothes delight at coming out of the washer covered in freshly washed paper. I always deny this, as my wife says she checks every pocket, but insists that I always find a way to hide tidbits in my pockets.

While going through one of BB’s pockets recently and finding a host of treasure it got me thinking about who designed these clothes and why on gods green earth does a toddler need pockets, that’s just asking for stuff to be collected.
Yes I understand it’s fashion but can’t they sew the opening up? Obviously parents are not designing these clothes.

We have one of those IBot auto Vacuum cleaners, but have found that BB is far more effective at picking up trinkets than it ever will be, and as the wife and I have found, the best part of all of this is walking into a room and finding a nice neat little pile of pocket sized junk that said toddler has decided to empty out her pockets and go on another treasure hunt.

So if we ever come to your place and you find your favourite centre piece on the coffee table is missing something, or your trinkets on the book case are gone, check my daughters pockets, she isn’t a kleptomaniac, she just likes to collect stuff……. Just like her dad.


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