Dear Dads, I can recite word for word the first 20 mins of all dvd’s in the house …… And that’s it.

dvd rack

I’m sure your wondering how can this be? Do we only have a collection of movies that go for 20 mins? Are they all broken? Do I have a weird trait that stops me from watching movies after 20 mins?

Kind of, you see our darling eldest has worked out how to load and unload the DVD player. She has also worked out how to access all the DVD’s in the theatre lounge. It’s all quite a novelty at the moment, she gets more joy out of loading the DVD than actually watching it. The poor DVD player never saw it coming, there was a time where it used to remember where you last left off when you put a DVD back in…. Due to the high volume of disks that now pass through its slot it has given up, checked out and gone and had smoko. All discs start from the start, and thank god cause meltdowns of epic proportions ensue if the universal logo or dream works logo are not the first things to appear on the screen.

The youngest Jade has also discovered the DVD rack and has her favourite movie “Mary Poppins”. The wife and I have found ourselves many a time still watching this movie long after the girls have grown bored of the TV and gone to do something else. Even to the point where I have found myself pondering: is Mary really a witch in disguise? All that magic? Or a bit of a prude…. Flashing that smile at Burt but shutting him down at the first pass… Anyway where was I? Ah yes DVD rotation. You see my wife likes to keep the DVD’s in alphabetical order, and our two little girls like to keep their mum in a full time job putting the DVD’s back in order. Jade especially will only want one DVD but will grab the one either side as well for good measure, there is always a trail of cases from the theatre room to the family room any given day of the week. Any weekend evening in our house will find a nice stack of 8 or more DVD’s on the breakfast bar that our two little movie buffs have grown tired of and moved onto another one 20 mins later.

From the older of the two (Brooke) we sometimes get an introduction to the movie…… “Just Married” is about a dog, why cause Brooke says so, there is a dog on the cover so it’s about a dog. Albeit the dog is a pug (or looks like one) and is a tiny spec in the corner. Nope the movie is about a dog. Godzilla is about a dinosaur (we’re getting closer) and cars is about cars (yay we got one right). Jade on the other hand always finds Mary Poppins. I am sure I have hidden it in the roof at one stage and she still showed up with it. Taking these two to the movies at the moment would be a nightmare, 20 mins in they would both be off to the projector room to throw on another movie or hop from cinema to cinema catching each movie in 20 min intervals.

While it is quite cute watching our movie buffs wander around with these DVD covers, especially when Brooke sits down to study the cover, points and proclaims that this one is about boats, inside cover of Madagascar has a ship in it…….. I crave to watch a movie in full and have been caught putting their movies on when they have gone to bed just so I can see what happened to the 4 animals that got booted from New York zoo or did lightning McQueen finally win his big race or what happens to the dog in “Just Married” (yep I know, he died).

So if you ever are invited around to our place for movie night and 20 mins in the DVD player stops and ejects the disk across the room, it’s not a ghost, it’s just the DVD player doing what it has been taught by our wonderful little cinematographers.


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