Dear Dads, Im here to tell you that Toddler hugs…. Better than drugs…..



Toddler hugs are better than drugs….. Bare with me, it’s an exact science.

When was the last time you were hugged by a toddler? Last week? Last month? Last year? Surely you can remember?

I can!! Mine was about 20 mins ago. After wading through just shy of a million questions as I dropped my bag and my keys coming home from work through the front door, I asked for a hug and was given a massive bear hug by my 3yr old, this was then followed by a massive bear hug by my 2yr old. It swept away all my troubles from the day, rested the soul, and I could feel them holding tight. Hugging me because they wanted to and not just because it was the socially acceptable thing to do.

Let’s go back to the actual hug, when toddlers hug they don’t have a filter, there is no socially awkward where do I put my hands hug, they don’t do the bum out chest together hug, it’s a full body warp arms and usually legs latching onto you at the end of a long run up hug! And they are the best. You can feel their little heart beating and usually the sheer joy busting out of them as they too hug all their worries away. This is where the “better than drugs” bit comes in. Toddler hugs give instant satisfaction, they make you feel good and are usually easy to come by if you have a toddler handy, other wise it’s a little weird with a whole lot of creepy going on if you hug a random toddler. Don’t hug random toddlers in the street, you will end up in jail! – Another Dear Dads public service announcement.

Seriously they are better than all black market supplied substances. They are free, you don’t get downers unless your really really really into hugs and you can’t be arrested for possessing a hug (as long as you follow the above public service announcement). Toddlers usually hand them out freely or at least after a little coaxing. With mine all I have to do is kneel down and open my arms up and they come running. Try it, 99.9% of toddlers will hug you with out asking why. Without reason or prejudice they will hug away.

I think the only thing more satisfying than getting a hug from a toddler is watching two toddlers hug it out. They do it in the most random places. Recently I saw a photo of two toddlers randomly meeting on an airport concourse and hugging it out, they had never met, would probably never meet again, but for 10 secs they shared something special. Kids do it in play grounds. We could learn something from them. Next time you feel crap, don’t whinge about your day, it might make you feel better but will bring others around you down, instead grab your toddler and hug away, it will instantly make you both feel better. If your sans toddler grab a loved one, or if a loved one is hard to come by, grab a stranger (with there permission of course) and hug away. It will change your day.

Try it right now, I guarantee that it will take your worries away if not for a moment… Go on…. Do it….. Hug it out.


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