Dear Dads is now a nappy free household…..


Let’s just think about that for a second. Because it means a whole lot more than just changing a pooey nappy! We no longer have to pack a bag to go out:
No Nappies
No Cream
No Spare clothes
No Wipes (except the ones my wife still carries in her handbag, baby wipes really do get everything off, seriously! Get on that)
This also means as long as the place we are going to has a toilet or a secluded tree we can just walk out the door….. Yes you heard it right, just walk out the door. Now, to my non parent readers this may not sound like a big deal, you decide to go out and you just leave, it’s no big deal. But to my parent readers of small children you will appreciate the “better than winning lottery” freedom we have just been given. It’s a god send. Need something from the shops? Let’s go. Want to go to the park for 30 mins? Why not. Have to pop over to a friends house? We are on our way.

How did it used to be? Well for my wife it was still a massive effort just to get to the front door but she could do it in about 15 mins, bags packed, girls prepped (fresh nappies) food sorted (snacks) water bottles and they were off. My personal best time? 40mins and I still forgot their favourite toys (completely forgot they brought those). I started by packing a bag without realising my wife already had one good to go ( discovered this later). Found all the stuff that I thought they might need, apparently they didn’t poo and wee enough to bring the whole nappy bag (30 nappies, who knew) and I only needed to bring one cream, not the 6 I packed, including the deepheat which I had grabbed in haste. I also packed enough food to feed an army even though “just a box of bickies” would do. Getting it all in the car to them find the fresh nappies I had put them in were now full of poo was frustrating. This is apparently a natural reaction that I have fallen for more than I’d like to admit too. So, changed nappies again and we are finally in the car, only for me to completely forget why we were even heading out…… Bugger it!! we are ready, we are going out!! I’m not wasting all that prep time. I see now why online shopping is so loved by families of young children.

So you can see why I am very excited that I now get back 40mins of my life every time I decide to take the girls out. Add on top of that the sheer joy of not having to wipe a poo covered bottom clean and do the blocked nose run to the bin with said poo nappy and I am one very happy dad. Our youngest is now toilet trained, which is a horrible way to say it as it sounds like we have taught her to sit/stay/roll over as well but I don’t know how else to explain it. I also don’t have to carry the back pack around when we go out which is a shame because I really think pink is my colour.

What this has been replaced with is very excited hi 5’s and screams of “I did a poo daddy” in public toilets all over our town. When our youngest meets people she now exclaims that she “did a poo/wee on the toilet”. Watching some peoples responses is priceless as it is not a common thing to congratulate people on. But I love it and get more excited than she does. She also has her sister running through the house yelling “Jade did a poo, Jade did a poo”. It’s the little things in our house that get us excited, and I can tell you….

Having two toilet trained little girls is awesome, heading out the door 5 mins after deciding to go is great, not cleaning pooey nappies is heaven, and running around giving everyone high 5’s in our house every time someone does a poo is a crack up… As I said….

It’s the little things….


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