Dear Dads poems for Jade xo

Good morning Jade, how did you sleep? I didn’t hear you all night not even a peep.

When ever I look at your beautiful face, your throwing out smiles all over the place.

Your still in your cast and don’t seem to mind, you will soon be free, it will soon be time.

You will be free to crawl and run, I’ll be right there with you, enjoying your fun.

BB and mum will be there too, helping you walk through this new world to you. We’ll play in the parks and see lots of things, and share all the joy that walking will bring.

I’l dI always be close in case you fall, to help you get up, to help you stand tall. I”ll always be here, right by your side, today it’s for food in years, for a ride.

Keep smiling little Jade as only you can, keep smiling for me……… Your biggest fan.

Love always Dear Dad xo


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