Dear Dads, The engineer who designed infant car seats should be taken out side and shot……….

The first time I took the seat out of the box and looked at it I thought this wont be too hard, this strap goes there that clip goes here, easy enough. I open the car door to put the seat in and it won’t sit in the seat properly. I push the passenger seat forward and the seat sits level on the back seat, this should be good….. Jo is going to spend the next 12 months riding around on the dash.

I open the instruction booklet and try and follow the basic and extremely brief instructions. I clip the long straps onto the parcel shelf retainer. I grab the seat belt and read the instructions that it needs to be threaded to through seat…. How the hell am I supposed to do that? I have man hands, not dainty 10 yr old fingers. I try to put the seat belt where it supposed to go and I get my arm stuck, hear I am master of my universe, loosing too and pinned down by a baby seat, thank god none of my mates can see me as I would never live it down. I unjam my arm and sit almost defeated looking at the seat, I come up with 10 different designs instantly that would be just as safe and a billion times easier to install. I try again, I get stuck again and slowly start to lose my cool.

I take the instruction book and throw it as far as I can…. I unclip the seat and try again, this time my own way. I get the seat in and clipped up and only get stuck once in the process. I look at the seat and give it a wiggle. It doesn’t seam to be very secure… I google…………

Turns out the seat is in fine and after an hour and 20 mins I have gotten it in. Jo comes out and inspects my handy work. I stand back proudly as if I have just conquered Rome. Jo turns to me and says “I thought you said it would be better behind the drivers seat?”

My heart sinks….. I did say that… my god I have to do it again.. I am almost in tears. I move the seat and this time smash my own record by 45 mins.carseats

A year an half on we now have two seats. I can do a full baby seat change over (2 seats) from car to car (company car to our car) in just under 30 mins. Usually without an injury.

I understand the necessity for baby seats but I am sure the designers go to car parks in shopping centers and laugh at the dads trying to get the seats they have designed in the most ridiculous way in. I am sure these seats have come flying out of the car in a fit of rage with an angry father in hot pursuit. Generally with a mother watching wondering what all the fuss is about and why is it taking so long.

Dear Dads have conquered the world, put man on the moon, climbed Mt Everest, traveled the deserts, and designed machines that can fly…… But get a baby seat into a family SUV or sedan in less than 10 mins? I call impossible!!!!

Oh and mums out there…… It hurts our pride when you ask us “why is it taking so long” or worse “do you want a hand?”


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