Dear Dads, When did you last take your lady on a date?

For the first time since Jade was born the wife and I decided to take a night off grab a baby sitter and head out for dinner. Now this may not sound like a big deal but in the two and half years since our first was born we have only done this once before. You see the wife and I adore our two children and actually enjoy being around them all the time but like any sane individual we needed down time.

So we found a baby sitter who was lovely and started counting down the days until our “date”. It was a little exciting, almost like being 17 and heading out with your first crush to the movies. We had people in the weeks leading up to the night telling us to not talk about the girls and just enjoy the night. Initially we thought this wouldn’t be too hard but once the night rolled around we found that the girls are such a big part of our lives not talking about them seemed un natural. Albeit the conversation was a little different from when we usually go out with the girls, usually it’s full of “don’t throw that””pick that up””don’t run” ”finish your dinner” ”my god where has your sister gone this time”. Our conversation actually was more about their future, but I’ll get to that in a bit.

On the night the hours leading up to it were pretty exciting. Getting dressed up, wondering what we were going to eat, seeing my wife in something other than hair in a pony take and covered in food. While we both tried to act casual I could tell that we were both excited at the prospect of having a dinner and not having to apologize to the waiter or chase a screaming 2 year old across a packed restaurant. We decided to catch a cab so that we could both enjoy a drink, and let our hair down a little.

Once at the restaurant we found our seat and ordered our first round of drinks. We picked one of the more fancy restaurants in town which is not usual for my wife and I, we like basic pub food but thought this place would be a happy medium. The drinks were flowing fast and by the time the food arrived it might as well have been pub food cause I was more interested in talking to my wife than eating. In saying that a scotch fillet steak never goes unnoticed. As mentioned before, We did discuss a lot in our 4 hrs. of freedom, the girls future, school, a new house, etc. lots of fun stuff. We laughed at the dumb stuff the girls do and all the little things that drive us nuts but now looking at them seemed cute.

date night

Once the dinner ended, the fun began, or so we expected. We decided to head to one of the local pubs and check out the towns night life. First pub we hit had karaoke night, someone was completely destroying “leave your hat on” – Joe Cocker, I might add that the pub had only 5 people in it which surprised me considering it was a Sat night. I looked at my wife and her face said it all NO NO NO NO… So we walked straight back out the door we came in and moved onto the next pub. A short walk had us in our second pub, this one had a few more souls than the last one but some one had forgotten to tell them that they were going out and it may be a good idea to climb out of the old trackies and ugh boots and throw on some jeans and shoes. Honestly I felt over dressed and I was dressed pretty casual myself. Watching 2 guys in their stepping out Adidas trackies chat up a table of well dressed ladies gave the wife and I some entertainment for 5 mins. The guys were dressed for bed, the ladies were dressed for a nightclub, was this how it was done now? Was the man drought that bad that guys didn’t even have to dress up anymore? I understood now why there were so many single woman in this town. The guys just don’t try…… After a few mins of watching this we both decided that it was home time, I mean it was 10pm and way past our bed time. We both knew that a 6am wake up call would be waiting for us in the form of two gorgeous girls.

As we rode in the taxi home I couldn’t believe how fast the night had gone, the wife and I had had a great time but we could both see that as much as we had enjoyed the night it was not as good as a night spent with our girls. We had enjoyed the best the town had to offer which to be honest was not as great as I expected, and yes next time I go out I will be in my trackies…. The heading out and partying life is now well and truly behind me being trapped in a endless cycle of hangovers and late nights, I’ll take my early starts and girly dress ups where I’m free to enjoy the finer things in life……

Like watching my daughters grow.


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