Dear Dads, When you look at your children does it feel like your looking into a mirror?


Tonight I watched my daughter very matter of factly tell my wife what she was cooking for dinner for us in her little wooden kitchen. This is not new, if mum is cooking in the kitchen Miss 2 and Miss 3 are both in their little kitchen cooking up a storm as well. However I wasn’t listening to what Miss 3 was saying I was actually watching her and Miss 2’s body language as they spoke to their mum. It was like looking at a mini version of my wife. The mannerisms the way they were standing even how they were speaking. It was uncanny. Brooke was standing with one foot on top of the other, a quick look to my wife and she was standing the same. I motioned to my wife to cross her arms, it took both my daughters a minute but they both slowly folded their arms as they spoke. It was uncanny.

Once my wife and I had finished being told what the menu was going to be for the evening, I asked my wife did she understand what I was motioning to her about. She said that she caught our daughter mimicking her, she was almost used to it. I proceeded to tell her that this was not uncommon for me. Just the other day as my wife was trying to decide a dish from the pantry and had her hand up to her chin in a classic thinking man pose, BB and Jade were right behind her doing the same thing. It was a crack up. Anyone on the outside looking in would think my daughters were taking the piss, but they were actually looking into the pantry and thinking about what did they want as well!! It had me in stiches.

However I am ashamed to say when my daughters dance its me. The wife is usually in stitches watching all three of us dance (and I use this term loosely) as it is akin it to a man and 2 midgets doing the tasered man jive. But we love it and because i can watch them mirror me I have mastered my dancing a little and got a little less wild with the arms. When I come home from work I throw my bag on the floor and exclaim that that was a tough day, Miss 3 coming home from day care for the last 3 weeks has done the same thing. It brings laughter to my wife and I as we watch a toddler exclaim that her day was tough and she is going to sit on the couch for half an hour. So much sass.

The wife and I are learning quickly to watch what we say and even more now what we do as we have two little parrots wandering around after us. Visions of the future I honestly dread the day we are standing in Bunning’s and one of them reaches down for a bum scratch and then mentions how good that feels……..


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