Dear Dads, You cant buy what I’ve got……………

For the first time last night all four of us, my wife and I, and the two girls sat on the couch as a family watching a bit of tv. Munchkin chatting away to herself and BB talking in her own way describing in great detail (or so I imagined) what she thought of the world. It was a moment I wanted to pause in time. A snapshot of a journey that we are on. It was an insight of years to come, and then all too soon as the girls grow up it will be gone.

I will always remember it. I know it’s only sitting on the couch but as a dad watching his two beautiful girls grow up it was a lot more. Being able to sit as a family together for the first time was a milestone in my life. You could take all my money and all my things, but with my beautiful wife and my 2 princesses I am officially the richest man in the world.

As the famous Darrell Kerrigan (the Castle) once said……. “You can’t buy what I’ve got”

missy and the girls


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