Dear Dads,My daughter had hip surgery and this is her story….


So it’s 3:30 am or there abouts and mum has woken me up for a feed!!!!! I know right, this never happens!! Usually I have to carry on like a pork chop for at least 5 mins to get her to come in for a feed. I am slightly suspicious but also getting hungry so I’ll take this breakfast in bed and not say a word incase mum changes her mind.

Oh boy am I full!!! I feel great. I’m laying here looking at these 5 yellow birds that hang about above my cot, they don’t say much, I talk to them all the time but have never had a response. They only seem to get excited when mum gives them a swat after putting me back in my cot, and even then they settle down pretty quickly no matter how much I yell at them. Yawwwwwn hmmm I might drift back off to sleeeeee……..

Oh eh what? Wait what? I’m being woken up again? What’s going on? It’s now 6am? Has mum lost her mind? I have carried on for ages before and eventually fallen asleep out of boredom trying to get mum or dad to come in. Here she is waking me up again, twice in one morning! Now I know something is up. I can hear BB in the lounge talking to Dad. I think she is asking for toast but he is giving her a bottle. Poor Dad he doesn’t understand us yet, but BB and I are working on him, hopefully he picks it up soon.

Now mum is dressing me up, this means we’re going out, but at this hour of the morning? Gees mum I just want to sleep. Yep into the car I go. I was right, even BB is pointing at me and trying to tell dad that I am coming too, however dad thinks she is pointing to the car seat and has missed BB’s point completely.

I like this car it’s very comfy and goes really quick. The sun coming in the window ticks me off no end sometimes but usually a short cry has either mum or dad covering up the window. It seems to be the one noise that makes them come running. I love it. Dad has his music going again… Sounds like rock music. BB likes it, she is always head banging, I tend to like the softer music that mum plays…. Sigh, might go to sleep again as the bumble bee hanging above me is also ignoring me today, not that I blame him, it’s so freaking early!

Oh we have stopped? Car door is open.. Dads getting the stroller out, that means we’re going for a walk. I like walks always so calming. Mum is getting me out and…… YES!!! I get the top seat this time, sucked in BB, oh wait BB isn’t coming neither is Dad. Wait what’s going on. Where is Dad going? Why is he leaving us? I think I need to cry…. Oh look a bird… Wait what was I thinking about?

Oh we’re at this white place again.. I remember this place, lots of nice old ladies that always talk to me like I’m a baby….. Pffft I’m 5 months old!!! Hmm I’m getting hungry again. Time to cry…

And cry……

And cry…. This doesn’t seem to be working why isn’t mum feeding me? This lovely old lady is back, she’s talking to mum and pointing to my hard pants. BB doesn’t get hard pants cause she is already walking. Can’t wait till my hard pants are off and I can walk around, this laying on your back all day gets old very quickly.

We’re on the move again. Wow look at this room, all my favorite animals are on the walls. Mums still here, god I love her, always by my side!! I’m still hungry though. Surly she will fed me soon. Here comes this mask again I remember this last time I had this on I ………….

Hello? Hello? Anyone there? Wow my eyes feel heavy. God I feel like I have been hit by a giant teddy!!!! Yay mum is here. God what happened then, one minute I am checking out my peeps on the wall then Bam I was out! And we’re back in that white room again, how did I get here? God I’m confused. Oh mum wants to feed me, thank god, I could have eaten a whole boob!!

Nom nom nom nom nom, great feed as always. Buuuurrp. Ah that feels good. Soooo now what?? Oh look my hard pants have changed colour? How did that happen? Wow that’s cool. Wonder if BB and Dad are coming back soon? Wonder if my white panda will still be above my bouncer when I get home.. God I am having some random thoughts today…. Definitely not a normal day let me tell you.


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