How can a dear dad let technology make him feel totally stupid and completely inadequate…………..?

Place stroller and back pack in boot of car and the second he hears it click close he realizes:
1. Both sets of keys are now inside the car.
2. Neither him nor anyone else in the family is in the car.
3. The car is locked with no physical way to get in without the Roadside assistance guy working his magic.

It’s amazing how stupid this can make a Dear Dad feel. We have put man on the moon, we have tamed rivers, we have learnt to fly…… But we still can do something that happens every day around the world and as soon as it happens it turns into a complete pride swallowing experience.

Not only do we then have to call a stranger to come and fix our mistake but it usually happens at a time when there are lots of friends and family about (as it did last night to me). Having to walk inside and tell my beautiful wife that the keys are in the car and I am not, makes us as dads feel about 2 inches tall, and this is why…..

It’s 10pm at night everyone is tired from an evening of playing laughing and drinking, our children are now over tired and just want cuddles and bed and as a dear dad it is our Job at the end of the night to safely transport the family home. As Dear Dads we take great pride in this job. We don’t get thanked for it and we don’t want too. To see our children sound asleep in their own beds all safe and sound is enough thanks for us. To cuddle our wives in bed at night is all the thanks we need. But………

Do something silly that disrupts this duty and Dear Dads around the world feel like right idiots. I know it’s silly but we feel like we have let the side down, we beat ourselves up inside and know that the “keys locked in the car” jokes will go on for years. We feel that we have let technology beat us and as kings of our domains nothing is supposed to get the better of a dad. Especially something as basic as the family car. Then to top it all off we have to swallow our pride to help us get back into the car. Dear Dads don’t ask for help, we don’t ask for directions, it’s our job to be all seeing all knowing and never leave the family in the cold late on a Friday night.

So to all the mums out there, next time technology beats your man, even if only for a second, go easy on him. Cause no amount of ribbing from you will be anything close to the amount he is beating himself up inside.


Dear Dads around the world.


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