I have come to the conclusion that no one has normal kids……


I have come to the conclusion that no one has normal kids, and all children were put on this earth to make parents pay for their sins!

A prime example of this is any child in an arcade full of games and the poor parents that have lost the flip of the coin to accompany them. The multiple flashing lights and buzzing sounds are perfect code to a child’s programmed mind to initiate freak out mode. And freak out they do! From trashing the basket ball throw that delivers redeemable tickets to kicking the machine that spits out candy when they fall off some moving edge (who thinks these things up?). I watched two boys that were about 10 walk into the arcade normal and as soon as they had their coins it was a switch going off in their head. Chaos ensued. I also don’t remember the arcades being so hi tech. It was all pin ball machines, shoot em ups and racing games when I was a boy. Now it’s all fully immersive 3D hunting games and fighter jet simulators.

Anyway, my two girls were great for the first 15 mins and then they started to lose the plot. Getting halfway through a game saying they were bored and moving on. They started yelling at each other for no reason and getting very moody. My wife and I saw the signs of impending melt downs and decided to make an exit. Only problem was, the place was built like a casino. We couldn’t find the exit… On our trek trying to find a way out we found a party room….yes a party room! I was baffled. Why on gods earth would you not only plan to take your own child to this place but invite other parents to leave their children with you while you fed them full of chocolate? Im sorry, but their are some sadistic people in this world, people that love torturing themselves, and this party room is proof. Maybe Police forces around the world could use it as a questioning technique to get adults to talk??? The torture it would be to stay in that room longer than 10mins. Not in a million years would I do that.

The older kids that were in the arcade were feral. They were pushing their way onto games and pinching other kids tickets. While I don’t consider myself a helicopter parent (does anybody?!?!?) I was keeping a close eye on my miss 4. A much older boy thought he would take a shot at pushing in on her turn just so he didn’t have to wait. He hadn’t seen me standing 2 feet away…… Helicopter parent turned into raging inferno Dad and said young boy got told so loud and clear to “back the hell up” I’m pretty sure his head is still spinning. I’m all for my girls finding their own way in the world, but mess with them on my watch and you’ll lose, Every…… Single…….. Time….
It will be some time before we return to the arcade, it has changed a lot since I was a kid. Children seem to run the place now, that or I’m just getting old. I prefer the beach anyway. It’s free, fresh and always better than being inside.

On a side note, I destroyed the basket ball hoop game. So much so it denied me my tickets!!!!


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