Lucky movies are not written by toddlers…

Lucky Hollywood movies are not written by toddlers, cause if they were every one would be a tragic movie!! image

Lately our miss 3 and miss 2 will react with stage theatre acting skills of a tragic death if something does not go their way. Just this morning Miss 2 grabbed miss 3’s water bottle and it was officially the end of mankind. The theatrics continued for a full 10mins until something shiny caught her eye and she completely forgot that mankind was coming to an end.

I made the mistake of putting jam on miss 3’s toast in the morning instead of letting her do it and I had to go into hostage negotiation mode to prevent an all out War erupting in our kitchen. This happens for the lost trivial things, forgot teddy on a road trip, no you can’t have bikkies right now, it’s time for bed…… But tell the girls that we lost a toy or the TV is broken and they don’t even bat an eye lid… When this happens I get suspicious, are they lulling me into a false sense of security? Will they be all fine and then BAM have a monster hissy fit right in the middle of the shops? Or decide to destroy the lolly isle at the shops because I said no to a chocolate bar??? Nope, they happily accept the out come and we are on our way.

I am sure they are bipolar, they can go from raging suicidal war mongering midget to cute, quiet, give awesome cuddles, toddler in the time it takes to put music on. This is our weapon against them, they are tired and cranky at the world? Music goes on. They had a long day at day care and just want to destroy something? Music goes on. Dad handed them the wrong water bottle and they are now baying for my blood? Music goes on. It seriously is the best hostage neutraliser we own. It can change our toddlers mood in an instant!

It is usually something a little boppy, top 40? (Minus the rap music) or even some R&B. It’s effect is amazing and instantaneous!! We know that when we pick the girls up from day care too have music going the moment we walk in the house. Nothing else works, well except lollies, but giving sweets to an over tired hyped up toddler leads to two destructive, over the top, destroy everything we see and scream at the top of our lungs mini people. Those of you who have been here know exactly what I am talking about.

Music is our saviour. Whilst I enjoy the Hollywood theatrics when meltdowns are in full swing (it’s cheaper than going to a show) they get tedious after a while and always end the same.

So if your toddler is carrying on like the lead of “A Street car named Desire” Blanch Dubois whack on some music and bring them back to a more tolerable Judy Andrews in “the sound of music”.


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