Sunday morning Dear Dads sleep ins – Where did you go


Sunday mornings….. I miss you… Well I think I do… Let’s break it down.

5 yrs ago Sunday mornings used to mean something. Now I’ll be completely selfish and say that it was all about me….. Sleep ins, Early morning shenanigans, Big Breakfasts, late lunches, long conversations and a general air of selfishness that I shared with my wife. We would at the drop of the hat decide to go stay at a bed and breakfast on a weekend, just because we could. The big one for me was the sleep in. I was the sleep in King. Getting up early through the week meant that I cherished every single second I could disappear under the covers when the sun had come up.

5yrs on and Sunday mornings are a lot different…. From 6am (most weekends) I now share the bed with 3 females, for you guys you would be thinking what is this sod winging about???? Well you see 2 of the 3 females are annoying, the third is my partner in crime (my wife) and no this is not some crazy dirty 4some post…. Where was I? Ahhh yes my wife suffers the “it’s to early I can’t even deal with your tanty over not having a pillow” nightmare that I do on Sunday mornings. The pervious 2 mentioned are my daughters, aged 2.5 and 4 (almost). They are by nature early risers and that means by default the wife and I are also.

We don’t share our bed at night, the girls know they have to sleep in their beds (unless they are sick, as a special treat they sleep with us). But when they wake up, it’s game on. Like thousands of parents around the world we hear it….. That terrifying sound…… Wakes us faster than an alarm clock….. A door opening….. The sound of 2 pair of little feet sprinting down our hallway towards our room. Now I’ll be honest, as a dad I both love and hate this sound. My mind begs for a sleep in, a few more mins, 30 mins, an hour…. Anything. Yet my emotional response (my dad sense) loves that they come in with such enthusiasm and joy to see us.

They do the usual slam open the door, jump on the bed, and be as loud as possible. This last all of 30 sec’s before my wife says “who wants cartoons?” We have a tv in our room and we usually put it on for them to stop the jumping and the fighting and to buy ourselves another 10 mins peace and quiet. Then come the poo jokes or stories of flushing crocodiles down the toilet, the tickling, the screams of laughter. Then we get “I’m hungry, can I have breakfast please”. We take it in turns to get up, or at least we’re supposed too, my totally awesome loving wife is the one who usually gets up and gets the girls fed. I usually last 1-2 mins and start feeling guilty, and I get my ass up. We then decide our plans for the day as a family. There is no b&b’s, no lazy Sunday lunches, no sleeping till 10 and getting takeaway. BUT…. There is early morning laughter, poo jokes, dad jokes, crazy songs, made up stories, and lots of all day road trips. The selfish side of me wishes for sleep ins, the Dad side of me over rules straight away and enjoys all the little things that I know deep down inside and in the words of Michael Jackson, will be gone to soon

If you had laid it all out for me 5yrs ago I would have never taken the plunge to become a dad, who would give all that up to be yelled at and jumped on by an obnoxious mini version of me?? I had no emotional attachment then.

Now if you took my Sunday mornings away from me I would be a broken dad. Plain and simple.


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