Two letters… A lot of attitude….. And a visit to the park

The two letters are N O….. Put together and coming out of the mouth of a two and three year old leads to all sorts of interesting questions and conversations. Today for example I had the pleasure of spending the whole day with my youngest Jade. Jade is two and has been taught “no” by her older sister BB. Would Jade like wheetbix for breakfast? No… Would Jade like toast for breakfast? No…. Would Jade like fruit for breakfast? No… Would Jade like poo for breakfast? Yes….. Really? Well no you can have toast. This goes on each morning, we could easily squash it but we like that Jade thinks she has a say in her day.

Occasionally I will throw in a “would you like some chocolate?” Just to stop them in their tracks and it usually works.. I get a ….. No… Yes… Yesss… I said yes daddy, I want chocolate daddy, I know I am creating a rod for my own back saying chocolate but it also brings me a little joy watching their minds react as I change the questions around. I substitute chocolate for toy etc just to see them squirm as I catch them out and watch them back pedal from their no.

Todays conversation was around finding something to do in the morning, it started with the usual would you like to go outside/paint/draw… All of these were met with a no so I threw in “make stupid faces on daddy’s phone?” Without missing a beat I got a resounding yes, so Jade and I spent the next 30 mins making stupid faces and taking photos on my phone…

Dad and Jade Hoodies

The results had us both laughing for ages!!


In the afternoon after lunch I was trying to work out what Jade might like for afternoon tea, as I worked through the usual food groups I threw in “ice cream in the park?” I got a no to start with and a pause for a second before I got bombarded with yes yes yes yes yes yes…. So I made a deal that if Jade ate her fruit we would go to the park. She polished her banana and was demanding swing swing swing, so into the car we went and off to the park. Jade loves going in the car with me as she is a little rev head and our wagon has a exhaust system, all the way to the park was woo hoo’s from Jade.

Once we we got to the park I let Jade go to run around and she made a be line for the swing, now I know Jade and BB love the swing but I find it mind numbingly boring pushing the girls on it, the only person who gets exercise out of it is the me and the whole point of the park is to wear out the children not the parents. We stayed on the swing for about 20 mins until I convinced Jade it was time to run around.


We stayed at the park about an hour before Jade had enough and decided she wanted to go home. Only child I have ever met that actually wants to leave a play ground.

As as we drive home I think back over all the conversations we have had throughout the day, I quietly chuckle to myself about all the No’s that have been muttered, and wonder where we could have possible ended up if Jade would randomly thrown a yes into the conversation……..


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