Who knew that being a Dear Dad would make me the greatest dancer ever……..

bb and Jade

The wiggles have become a staple diet in our tv consumption recently, it serves a few purposes, we get to turn the volume of the household down for 45 mins and 15 sec (this is the exact length from start of the theme song till the credits roll, not that I have watched it a million times), we get to see BB and Jade replicating dance moves and rocking out in the bouncer and most importantly we get stuff done.

It is amazing what can be accomplished in this 45 min time frame, the 15 sec left over give us time to prepare for the whole “oh no, no more wiggles, the have gone to sleep” routine. Cause if you don’t get your ass into gear you have to hit the repeat button and it’s another 45 mins of wiggly music, colours and BB breakdancing.

Anyway where was I? Oh yes, 45 min chores, have you seen 7 min abs? Well 45 min chores blows it out the water. Before children came along my wife and I could easily spend half a lazy sunday cleaning and vacuuming everything, even the spare rooms got a work out. Now days? I can have the house vacuumed in under 10 mins, Jo has the kitchen, bathrooms, dinning room and girls rooms cleaned and dusted in 30 mins……. All while singing the wiggles songs. As I pass from room to room I stop to check on the girls, still grooving away to mash potato and big red car.

There reasons for this frantic cleaning during wiggles time? Having a toddler wanting to help might sound awesome and we should be able to get so much done,but this really runs into the age old saying “2 steps forward and one step back” BB trying to help is taking the cupboard that’s just been cleaned and spreading its contents all over the bathroom for closer inspection and a shelf rearrangement. All the while Jade is laughing and egging her on from the bouncer or so it seems.

So this is where we get too, about 35 mins into the DVD BB will without fail come looking for us, we are not in the room with her? We must be elsewhere doing something completely awesome cause that’s what parents do… So as mum continues to clean dad comes out and dances the wiggles dance……. Was I ever a dancer? No, I was not one to entice the ladies to the dance floor with what I thought were John Travolta moves, but looked more like henry the octopus flailing his arms around wildly. So in night clubs I was deadly, in more of a put people in hospital kind of way than smooth lady killer moves kind of way, but in my living room in my daughters eyes I am the greatest dancer ever!

So for a small moment each day I get to let the world go and dance how I want to dance, and two little ladies think I am the greatest dancer ever.


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