What goes through a guys mind at “that time of the month”….

As 3 yr olds: Mums crying again, all I did was say “I love you” 
As 10yr olds: Mum has lost her shit again, sitting in the shower, eating ice cream and hogging the blanket on the couch. 
As 14yr old: I think a chick cut herself at school today, don’t know how she managed to get it on her pants.
As a 21yr old: Girlfriend is watching soapies and eating all the chocolate in the house. Doesn’t want to be touched. Cold showers it is. 
As a 35yr old: The wife has lost the plot, sobbing in the shower, crying at the dodgy Tv adds with kittens, yelling at the neighbours dog, I’m spending a few nights in the spare room. 
As a 50yr old: Wife has been acting crazy for 6 straight months, better keep the head down and chores done, what ever is going on I hope it ends soon. 
As a 65yr old: Haven’t seen the wife flip her lid in ages, hope the old girl is ok…. 
Honestly, woman get the raw end of the stick. We joke, but guys if that time of the month sneaks up on you and you get caught out? Do what many have done before you…. Have an emergency bottle of wine ready to go, throw chocolate and retreat. 


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