Dear Dads, what is your pain tolerance? 

What is your pain threshold? Can handle a splinter? A 12hr sunburn? A broken finger? A broken arm? Stitches? We are all built differently, with different perceptions of pain. But, my poor daughter has her pain threshold scale ass about. Let me roll it out for you…… 4 months ago whilst loading the girls into the car, Miss 4 found herself in the wrong spot and and walked straight into the car door. I heard the bang, it was right beside me. It was the rear door on our 4WD and she wandered into the bottom corner of it, it literally put a small hole in the top of her head. Miss 4 stopped for a second, in shock, looking at me, slowly realising what she had done. I grabbed her as she started to cry, and not the I just stubbed my toe cry, it was a deep I can tell your in a lot of pain cry. I scoop her up and look for where she hit her head. Then I see it, a small hole in her head, it hasn’t started bleeding yet and I’m not even sure what I am looking at. Then the blood comes. It flows out the top of her head. By this stage my wife has already strapped in Miss 3 as we were heading to the shops. I call her and she comes around the car, she sees the blood coming from BB’s head and I can suddenly see the whites of her eyes.  

She stops for a second and I ask her to get me a rag. She bolts inside and collects a tea towel. I ask her to hold the rag on Miss 4’s head as I strap her in. My wife jumps in between our two girls, I gun the engine and we hit the road. I have some of her blood on my hand as I steer the car towards the hospital. I talk to both my wife and Miss 4 to help keep everyone calm. My wife does an amazing job keeping Miss 4 calm. We get to the hospital and my poor Miss 4 has blood all down the side of her head and some on her clothes. We head into the emergency dept and are lucky enough to see a nurse straight away. I carry Miss 4 into the room and ask if she is ok. She nods her head. The nurse has a look at her head and says it is a little deep, but they will probably be able to get away with glue. When we see the Dr he says the same thing. As the Dr applies the glue it dawns on me that apart from the initial crying from Miss 4, she has bearly made a peep the whole time……. Even once we get her home she is fine and really doesn’t see what all the big deal was about. 

Fast forward to today, Miss 4 got a tiny graze on her foot. She refused to get in the bath. She refused to let us put another bandaid on it and the tantrum that ensued was epic. When Miss 4 did get in the bath it was as if someone was trying to cut off her foot. I was amazed, she had punched a hole in her head and bearly shed a tear. Gets a graze on her foot and she’s asking for life saving surgery. I don’t understand it. I’m not even sure Miss 4 understands it. All I know is that trip to the hospital was terrible…. But it was somewhat easier than trying to get Miss 4 into a simple bath. As a Dear Dad I hate seeing my girls in pain, but it’s almost impossible to judge their pain tolerances. 


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